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Interview with Mohummed Yasir, Mister International Pakistan 2011

The Stunning Angels presents Mohummed Yasir, Mr. International Pakistan 2011 in an exclusive interview session. Let us find out a little more about him...

1. What would your friends say to describe you?
A funny, sensitive and friendly person who is always there to help and share happiness and sorrows, irrespective of any preferences.

2. In your own words, who is Mohummed Yasir?
A student of life and a teacher of some, a business man and a service person, a charity worker, a model/actor and a person who is a bit lazy to enjoy life to the max, still struggling to add and learn new things in life , and make it a happy one for others

3. Tell us something that many people don't know about you.
I am a person who is very caring and with a big heart, I take compliments as seriously as I take the critics, I judge person by personality rather than by looks, I like children because that’s the way all were always and must be because they are themselves until world changes them, I want to eliminate sorrows and share happiness irrespective of caste, religion, culture, race, ethnicity, eradicate poverty and see a harmonious world in my life, Add value to people's lives because what one achieves is what counts rather than what they are born with, So to make self and them a good person. A clean hearted and straight forward person who likes and appreciates honesty. Of course I hate double standard people but its a nature that’s bad, not that person, so love him/her so they change.

4. Describe the town where you grew up?
I was born in Karachi, Pakistan, the core heart city of my country where the energy flows round the clock. It has developed by leaps and bounds and has grown more beautiful as I grew, The people here are a bit stressed due to busy life but are very lively and fun loving, Its a big industrial city so everyone travels here to have a good fortune, I love my city and my country

5. Tell us about your family. What happened when you told them your desire to be Mister? Did they support you?
I belong to a family where i am the only son of my family and the only eldest male of all my maternal and paternal cousins.
I have a loving mom and a caring dad with lovely 2 younger sisters who are always there to support me in my goals, My Father is a FInance Director, My mother a house wife, My sisters are students of school and university.
The family was pretty surprised as no one ever thought about it and wouldn’t conclude the possibility as no one in my hereabouts ever even thought of it, But my mother my uncle and my father along with my friends gave me proper support and believed in me which made me represent my country, They were always there when in times of ups and downs, and were a reason for my smile always, I love them all

6. Before participating in a Mister Pakistan, what do you do?
And did you dream of becoming a Mister?
I acted as a Head of Finance of a Multinational Company in Pakistan Chapter, Am a part time actor and model, Had been teaching a while back till Masters level and Running some Business as well

7. What were your reasons for joining the Mister Pakistan pageant?
To promote health and fitness and be an icon to be followed living a good healthy and life with a purpose

8. What is your favorite part of your body & why?
My brain where the ideas generate and My heart which motivates it to action

9. What is your worst quality?
I am crazy (Laughing) I go crazily passionate about doing something i want to very badly so bad that I don’t care about time because completion is my priorty and nothing moves my mind of it until I get that.

10. Any beauty queens/kings that you really admire and who inspires you? Any idol in life? Why?
Arnold Schwarzenegger, a novice to a new country ,new passion and new language, became the most admired Bodybuilder, Most amazing actor and A good governer of American state all through his successful mindset followed by hardcore effort and action
and Imran Khan, a great cricketer of all time and soon to be the leading prime minister of my country, whose the heart throbing role model of many inspired youth of my country who won hearts of people by his successful actions of winning the world cup 1992, making the biggest charity cancer hospital in whole Asia and a charity international university in a dormant ignored part of the country running successfully, and an icon of youth change in Pakistan, motivating people to bring a healthy change in lives of people

11. Tell us about your preparations for the 2011 Mr International pageant.
I am giving my best effort as to fitness, good mindset, nature, and to be a good representative of my country, Its a whole new experience not everyone can enjoy and be a part of so I am looking forward to making new good friends and creating harmony as my country's representative for world peace and increase healthy relations, and along with I wish all my international friends best of luck.

12. Which do you think is your best quality for winning the title of Mister International?
I believe your inner self must be best for the best outer self, I think I am a very friendly person and open hearted I welcome challenges and have bigger goals , which motivates me to bring some positive change in the world and that title will surely be of great help

13. Have you already seen the photos of the other candidates? which ones do you think are your strongest rivals?
I have seen all the pictures and i admire them equally as all of us are the misters of our countries, and have the same goal in mind, but everyone knows there will be one winner, so let the fate decide and the best win , our work is just to do our best and leave the rest to God. That’s what I think, Everyone of us is the best

14. If you don’t win Mister International 2011, what are your plans for the future?
I will continue what I do already and add some more passions and flavours in life after this international learning experiences, learn from it and make my plans stronger for something more big ahead in life.

15. What's your special message to your fans & supporters?
Be yourself, Improve yourself, Respect your elders and love them, Live your passions, true love, live happily, forgive quickly, Enjoy every moment as it lasts, go for new experiences and never regret a moment that made you smile, because life is really to short so SHOUT LOUDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

»Personal Motto: To become a good person, In all walks of life and whatever i do, to be the best
»Personal Goal: Become an Icon, people look forward as a role model
»Personal Dream Destination (Place): Australia
»Favorite Food: Zero in Fats, High in proteins
»Favorite Color: White and Black
»Favorite Song: If today was your last day (NIckelback)
»Favorite Movie: Braveheart
»Favorite Book: Quran (I always improve after every reading with understanding )
»Favorite Singer/Band: Sami Yusuf
»Favorite Actor/Actress: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Of course Myself
»Favorite Hobby: Learning new things
»Favorite Sport: Table Tennis

Thank you very much Yasir for this interview, thank you for sharing with us, The Stunning Angels wish you good luck and success in The 2011 Mister International pageant


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