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Interview with Žan Cvet, Mister International Slovenia 2011

About Mister Slovenia
Mister Slovenia Organization is from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Three years ago the organization founded by Erik Ferfolja, who is also a national and event director. He has also a model agency, which is based on male models. More about Mister Slovenia Organization on

The Stunning Angels presents Žan Cvet, Mr International Slovenia 2011 in an exclusive interview session. Let us find out a little more about him...

1. What would your friends say to describe you?
My friends would tell just good things about me. I'm very helpful, friendly, polite and i'm not treacherous of them.
2. In your own words, who is Žan Cvet?
Žan Cvet is 20 years old male who comes from the capital city of Slovenia. He is Mister Slovenia for Mr. International 2011. He is very funny, hard working, polite, and because of that I think he has a lot of potential for world fashion. He thinks that inside beauty is more important than outside of the people.

3. Tell us something that many people don't know about you.
Many people don't know that I spent a lot of my free time in the kitchen because I love to prepare traditional Slovenian food. For my cooking skills, I have to thank my mother, who always teach me something new.

4. Describe the town where you grew up?
I come from the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana. Ljubljana has 250.000 citizens, but it's still small compared to other capital cities. We have many parks, attractions; like the monument of France Prešeren, Tromostovje (the three bridges), it has many beautiful churches, squares, markets and we have also castle on town hill.

5. Tell us about your family. What happened when you told them your desire to be Mister? Did they support you?
My family supports me in every decision that I make. I'm happy that my mother and step father will come to watch me and support me on the world pageant. I'm very close to my family especially with my mother. My family always believes in me and we have a really close and friendly relationship.

6. Before participating in a Mister Slovenia Pageant, what did you do? And did you dream of becoming a Mister?
Before I participated in the Mister Slovenia pageant I was a professional rower in Slovenian national rowing team. I was a full time student of engineering and I didn't dreamed to become Mister Slovenia. Although I always wanted to go abroad to become an international supermodel.

7. What were your reasons for joining the Mister Slovenia?
To get new experience and to become a model. Because I think it's good opportunity for working in high fashion in the future.
8. What is your favorite part of your body & why?
It's hard to decide for a part of the body, because we must take ourself as a whole. But I think have nice eyes, because they slightly change colour.

9. What is your worst quality?
When I'm hungry I get angry very easily.

10. Any beauty queens/kings that you really admire and who inspires you? Any idol in life? Why?
I found an inspiration inside of fashion world. My idol is Baptiste Giabiconi. Because he is a very successful model.

11. Tell us about your preparations for the 2011 Mr International pageant.
I'm spending a lot of time in gym. I have a strict diet. I study English and I'm trying to improve communication skills. My goal is to be in perfect psychophysical shape.

12. Which one do you think is your best quality for winning the title of Mister International?
My body and my self confidence.

13. Have you already seen the photos of the other candidates? which one do you think is your strongest rivals?
I have already seen other candidates and they are really diverse, so it's hard to say which one is the strongest rival. I'm trying not to think about the other candidates, I'm trying to focus on myself.

14. If you don’t win Mister International 2011, what are your plans for the future?
I'm planning to go to Milan, where I'm going to try to succeed as fashion model.

15. What's your special message to your fans & supporters?
I will try to represent Slovenia as Mr. International pageant in the best way that I can!

»Personal Motto: Go with a flow
»Personal Goal: To become a successful model
»Personal Dream Destination (Place): New York
»Favorite Food: Rice with Truffles
»Favorite Color: Black
»Favorite Hobby: Skating with long board
»Favorite Sport: Rowing, cycling
»Favorite Book: Sicilian
»Favorite Movie: Spread
»Favorite Singer/Band: Paul Kalkbrenner
»Favorite Actor/Actress: Jean Claude Van Damme
»Favorite Song: Feel Alive (Jean Elan)

Thank you very much Žan Cvet for this interview, thank you for sharing with us, The Stunning Angels wish you good luck and success in The 2011 Mister International pageant


Interviewed by Zeph End

Photos courtesy:
Anka Bulovec, Žiga Mihelčič, Tibor Golob and Dejan Nikolič

Special thanks to
Erik Ferfolja, National Director of Mister Slovenia
Žan Cvet, Mister International Slovenia

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